Currie & Warner are a high volume brass turned part supplier who produce precision components to specific drawing tolerances. Due to sound engineering and innovative flair, we can solve manufacturing requirements of the most technically demanding parts.
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For many years Currie & Warner has supplied Bayonet Plug Rings to the Gas industry. We have retained components of this type for many years because we designed new attachments to complete the component in one operation. Most other turned part companies have two or three extra costly operations.

Currie & Warner only use reputable brass mills when purchasing material. When supplying parts to the gas industry it is imperative that the raw material is not porous. With safety in mind you can be assured Currie & Warner will deliver the quality you require.


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9-02-2017 : Testing new material

Currie & Warner, together with it's largest customer have been testing new brass specification as a replacement material for a couple of par... more

9-02-2017 : New production bay, new machines

Wickman refurb No. 5 & 6 are nearing completion and will be ready to be in production when a new home is built for them.  We have b... more

23-11-2015 : Apprentice awards ceremony

Apprenticeship CertificateCongratulations go to Ashley James and Tom Davies who recently completed their Advance Leve... more

9-04-2015 : Refurb Unit

Currie & Warner has set up a new refurbishment facility at it's Brownhills production site.  The new unit has taken three months to... more
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