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Copper over $10,000 / tonne07.02.2011
Copper over $10,000 / tonne

Once again copper reach's an all time high $10,000 / tonne.

As we have learnt the UK manufacturing industry has shown signs of growth and has therefore increased demand on copper. The demand for the precious red metal is now growing faster than supply, which is depleting warehouse stocks worldwide. This is good news for investors as it looks certain for copper to continue the upward trend. However for OEM’s and suppliers of brass and copper based alloys it is a major headache.

With the banking system still in recovery, investors are looking for the best way to get a return on their money. We expect to see even more interest in copper due to current situation; this will increase the price even higher.


In the first week of February copper past the psychological barrier of $10,000 / tonne. Analysts are suggesting copper supplies will remain tight and help propel prices to $12,000 / tonne and higher as output struggles to keep up with demand well into 2012.

There are projects in the pipeline that will start producing copper this year and more during the next 4 years. However, problems with current mines disrupt the output. It is estimated production will not increase significantly enough to reach the demand until 2015.

Timing now is crucial for buyers to look at their demand and place orders. While everyone is still hedging their bets the outlook is that nothing is going to drastically change anytime soon!

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