Currie & Warner are a high volume brass turned part supplier who produce precision components to specific drawing tolerances. Due to sound engineering and innovative flair, we can solve manufacturing requirements of the most technically demanding parts.
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Its Not Luck!09.05.2011

It’s not Luck!

Turned part company Currie & Warner Ltd have started 2011 on a flyer. With sales for the first four months being over budget, Sales Manager Tony Fox said business is looking good as the economy shows signs of improvement. However, it is not attributed to luck. Over the last 2 years Currie & Warner have been gearing up to take advantage of the upturn by developing new products with key customers, investing in automation and improving efficiency. Owner Martyn Lloyd wasn’t fazed by the global recession, yes the company tailored work output to suit low sales figure, but plans were initiated to be in a position of strength when the economy improved.

Financial strength

The turned part industry took a big hit as did most industries when the global economic downturn came at the start of 2009. A lot of companies have found it difficult to survive when orders dried up, but now we are also seeing companies struggling to survive as business improves. This is mainly due to cash flow. Companies are unable to purchase raw materials for the orders they have and increasing pressure from banks means they are unable to obtain credit to continue business. Currie & Warner’s strategy has always been to stand on its own two feet by not having loans or credit with the banks, this has enabled the company to ride out the recession. Now business is picking up Currie & Warner are in a very strong position financially. The ability to manufacture annual orders and fund stock sets Currie & Warner aside from its competitors. Customers can have next day deliveries and be safe in the knowledge prices are fixed. With the copper market being extremely volatile, Currie & Warner can at least offer some stability.

Investment in new machinery has taken place throughout the last two years and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Product development

In 2008 one of Currie & Warner’s major customers was on the verge of developing a new product that was sure to be a success. However the components at the time were designed for function, little thought had gone into volume manufacture. With Currie & Warner’s reputation for engineering parts to be manufactured in one operation the customer approached Currie & Warner to help develop the parts for high volume production. Currie & Warner gave numerous design alteration ideas to enable the product to function as intended but cutting out costly secondary operations or reduction of cycle times. The design proposals were greatly received and accepted by the customer. Currie & Warner started trials and submitted PPAP documentation during 2009. A lot of time and money was invested in the project, but the potential was worth the effort. The customer launched their product during 2010, Currie & Warner are now in full manufacturing mode as sales start to increase for the customer and subsequently Currie & Warner.


Business is changing rapidly; customers require information at their fingertips. Currie & Warner have developed a website to give more information about the company but also give existing customers information on live orders. Customers can log in and find out when call offs are due in, current stock levels and work in progress. Currie & Warner also show an average daily brass basis and links to the raw materials market.


Deciding on the future of the business was key, as to how and what is to be invested at Currie & Warner. High volume brass turned parts can be made in a variety of ways, but Currie & Warner believe there is still a strong market for multi-spindle machines. The machines have stood the test of time and continue to be the best option for certain types of product. The focus for Currie & Warner is to be very good at what you do and then to continually chip away to make things better. Currie & Warner will continue to manufacture parts on multi-spindle machines but the long term plan is to make the machines more efficient then replace the aging machines with new multi-spindles and re-condition the existing machines. The investment program has already started by investing in precision tooling, automatic bar loaders and most important of all a skilled workforce. Now the economy has improved Currie & Warner can look to phase two and replace or re-condition machinery.

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