Currie & Warner are a high volume brass turned part supplier who produce precision components to specific drawing tolerances. Due to sound engineering and innovative flair, we can solve manufacturing requirements of the most technically demanding parts.
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Investing in automation13.03.2013
Same high quality - just more efficient!
Demand for capacity is becoming a premium on our multi spindle machines. As a result Currie & Warner have purchase three more automatic bar loaders. The increased efficiency from the three automatic bar loaders will create capacity equivalent to 7 months production from one of our machines. 

The Cucchi Bar loaders will be fitted to existing machines starting from the end of March, all three machines will be completed by the end of May. Before fitting the loaders each machine will receive a full maintenance overhaul and a replacement lower cam shaft ensuring the continued quality expected of us.

Production may be affected during this time but a short term pain will pay long term dividends.

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