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PPAP documentation20.01.2015
PPAP & LEAN implementation at turned part supplier


From January 2015 Currie & Warner will supply Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation together with production samples for all new product.

Previously C&W supplied production samples and an Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR) in order for customers to approve samples allowing manufacture to commence.  As and when requested by the customer C&W would supply PPAP documentation for specific product. However through 2014 C&W had an increasing number of requests for PPAP documentation to be supplied.  Most industries now are following the automotive sector in obtaining approval of a product from a new supplier in the form of PPAP.  Therefore it was decided by the management team to adopt PPAP as the standard documentation supplied when manufacturing new parts.

LEAN approach

The change in the documentation supplied to our customers coincides with a new leaner approach to manufacturing.  C&W have been working closely with one of their largest customers to streamline the production process using LEAN techniques.  It started in February 2014 whereby C&W developed a Value Stream Map (VSM) which identified bottlenecks within the production process.  Step by step C&W are working through the bottlenecks and making small changes that are starting to have a positive effect.  C&W will continue on the LEAN journey which will ultimately make the company more profitable and filter down to our customers bottom line!


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