Currie & Warner are a high volume brass turned part supplier who produce precision components to specific drawing tolerances. Due to sound engineering and innovative flair, we can solve manufacturing requirements of the most technically demanding parts.
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Strategic Investment at Currie & Warner12.05.2009
Automatic bar loaders

The best time for taking a good look at your business is in an economic downturn.  Inefficiencies will be exposed that are usually overlooked when business is buoyant.   Companies spend millions of pounds employing external consultants to deploy LEAN techniques.  For small companies like Currie & Warner it can be as easy as sitting round the table for a couple of hours discussing openly how things can be improved.

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The main focus for Currie & Warner was to improve efficiencies and reduce setting times, which ultimately will reduce cost.  A reduction in cost breeds new business which generates money for investment.  The investment starts the cycle again which allows company growth.


Investing unwisely can have adverse effects.  Some high volume turned part suppliers decided to change direction and remove multi-spindle machinery in favour of single spindle CNC technology to capture short batch high added value work.  Whilst some companies made a success of the change others have seen vast competition and have struggled to survive.  Currie & Warner's focus is to stay with multi-spindle machinery and take on the challenge from India & China for medium to high volume production.

One of the key area's of investment is automation of the existing machinery, this will increase running efficiencies by 10% - 15%.  An automatic bar loader was purchased on trial and it's performance monitored, it has proven to be very successful.  In the last three months Currie & Warner has invested in a further 4 bar loaders and they are having an immediate impact.

Another area of key investment is tooling.  By de-skilling the setting process we can reduce setting times by up to 50%.  Reducing setting times has also allowed Currie & Warner to manufacture smaller production batches more cost effectively.  This has two benefits, lower stock to keep the accountants happy and  the ability to compete for smaller volume work.

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