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Environmentally Friendly Brass24.08.2010
Lead Free Brass

Market places are constantly changing, the U.S. plumbing industry is no exception.  Driven by California, Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, was enacted as a ballot initiative in 1986. It intended to protect Californian citizens and the State's drinking water sources from chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and to inform citizens about exposures to such chemicals.

Lead free brass 

The legislation bans the use of fittings, pipe work or anything that may contaminate the drinking water system.  This poses problems to company's supplying fittings to the industry, in particular brass fittings which contain up to 4% lead.

A solution to the problem has been found, "Lead Free Brass".  Lead Free Brass is a silicone based material and is therefore an ideal choice of material to use in the plumbing industry.  However the removal of lead posses problems to manufacturers.  Lead is added to normal brass to aid the cutting or machinability of the brass.  Manufacturers need to develop new tooling techniques and practices in order to efficiently machine ECO BRASS.

Currie & Warner supply new Lead Free Brass components

One of Currie & Warner's existing customers in the U.S. asked us to manufacture a component that was originally made from phosphor bronze. The components are used in the Fire Sprinkler industry, Proposition 65 does not require the parts to be manufactured from lead free material, but our customer had a double edged reason for the potential change. Initially it was a marketing exercise to get the upper hand on competition, if ever legislation changed to incorporated sprinkler systems our customer would have a huge advantage. The other reason was a cost saving, through Currie & Warner a 20% saving had been made. 

Currie & Warner's manufacturing trial has been a successful learning curve, we have now completed the first annual order.  Currie & Warner are now able to offer our expertise in machining Lead Free Brass to the market place.  We expect Lead Free Brass to soon become a standard material used in water related industries in North America as company's pre-empt legislation.

Lead Free Brass has similar properties to Stainless Steel, it has excellent de-zincification corrosion resistance and a similar yield strength to Stainless steel SUS304/SUS303.  

Traditional free-cutting brass contains lead, which has a low melting point of 572oF (300°C). Because of the lead content, the impact value rapidly decreases. When the material is worked, heat is generated and cracking occurs. This phenomenon is called warm brittleness cracking. Lead Free Brass contains no lead and does not suffer from warm brittleness cracking.



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