Quality is taken for granted in this day and age. We at Currie & Warner ensure our customers receive quality components to a very high level. We continually produce high quality parts because we stay true to our Quality Policy.

Our quality system, certified by the British Standards Institute to ISO 9001:2015, focuses on a continual improvement philosophy that has been ingrained into the way our business functions.

Components that we manufacture, from simple brass nuts to difficult highly technical parts, go through stringent checking processes to ensure that our customers receive deliveries that are defect free.

Total customer satisfaction is our goal. If any issue do occur, the way it is dealt with sets us aside from our competitors, giving us a reputation among our customer base that is second to none.

Future development occurs by setting goals. Currie & Warner have taken a good look at the current system and has put in place a quality strategy to enable the department and company to move forward.

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