Below is a list of materials we commonly manufacture items from:

Used widely in California for fittings that convey drinking water. Lead-Free brass has other benefits such as de-zincification (corrosion) resistance and material strength that is comparable to that of Stainless Steel.

The most common specification machined by Currie & Warner is equivalent to American Specification CDA360. Free-cutting brass has excellent machinability and could be used instead of Mild Steel. Many designers are surprised to learn that in the half-hard condition free cutting brass properties are comparable to AISI 12L14 leaded steel.

DZR is the choice of material for components that come in contact with water. DZR has excellent corrosion resistance and eliminates the need to plate components.

Nickel Silver

Also known as German Silver the material is usually required when parts require a combination of strength and good corrosion resistance.

Gun Metal (Red Brass)

Known in the USA as Red Brass is used frequently for plumbing fittings and valves. Although Currie & Warner still offer items from Gun Metal we would advise alternatives such as Lead-Free Brass which is more cost-effective for a machine.

Below is a list of other specifications previously supplied by Currie & Warner. However, if components require a particular brass specification Currie & Warner are more than happy to supply them.

CZ122, CZ124, CZ128, CZ129, and CZ131
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