Dezincification Brass

DZR (Dezincification Resistant) is a type of brass used for manufacturing, which gives resistance to dezincification corrosion.

In relation to HVAC applications, if standard brasses are used instead of dezincification brass, it can result in system failure by causing leaks, blockages, or even ruptures.

There are various types of DZR Brass. Typically, DZR Brass must have a zinc content lower than 15% to avoid dezincification however, adding inhibitors allows for the Brass to have a higher zinc content. (The UK specifications state that Arsenic (0.02 – 0.15%) and Nickel (0% - 0.3%) are acceptable). Products made from DZR require special attention in how they are manufactured to ensure the quality of these products is maintained and the Brass is made anti-corrosive.

DZR Brass is available in CW602N, CW6265, or CW626N specifications for Brass rods with a lower content of zinc than standard Brass rods.

HVAC is the largest market sector for Currie & Warner and as you would expect we produce a vast amount of DZR components. We have the knowledge and systems in place to maintain the integrity of the parts during production and supply our customers with exceptional quality.

Dezincification brass