Standard Brass / Free Machining Brass

As an alloy, Brass content is primarily copper and zinc. There are numerous specifications with varying proportions of the main two elements. These are varied to achieve different mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties, most of which Currie & Warner have machined before.

  • In the UK and Europe, the standard brass which is widely accessible is CW614N.
  • In the USA, the designation of the material specification is different, but the alloying elements are very close. The most common brass in the USA is C36000 and is a close equivalent to CW614N, as this brass is most commonly used it is the cheapest alloy too.
  • CW614N is the machining standard by which all other metals are compared. It is the most commonly used alloy for machine-turned parts in applications requiring drilling, turning, milling, thread rolling, and tapping because of its 100% machinability rating.

Currie & Warner purchases most of its brass rods from the two leading European suppliers located in Germany. We consume a significant amount of brass which enables us to negotiate competitive terms with our two main suppliers and we pass that on to our customers.

Standard brass / free machining brass