Cleanliness is critical for Currie & Warner. Every component produced is cleaned within 2 hours of manufacture. To ensure protection of the components decanting is eliminated, components are placed into containers at the machine and then transferred to the cleaning facility and placed into a magazine. After the parts are cleaned work containers are transferred to the next process, again without decanting the parts from the original manufacturing container.

Our semi-automated Pero cleaning plant vapour de-greases and ultrasonically cleans the components at a high temperature and under vacuum using a modified alcohol solvent. Operation under vacuum protects the components during the process, reduces energy and solvent consumption and allows for short cycle times.

The parts are then vacuum dried leaving them perfectly clean. The cleaning plant is environmentally friendly as the solvent is continually distilled within the machine. Power usage is also minimised due to the cleaver way the machine re-uses heat at extremely low atmospheric pressures.