Currie & Warner Upgrade to Bespoke ERP System

A New Era For Currie & Warner

Many industries have experienced dramatic change in the past few decades with the emergence of digital technology, but manufacturing is leading the way, as the industry handles adaption and adoption like no other.

Factories across the world are being digitalised, filled with computers and 3D printers, making them quicker, more flexible and more efficient. The use of robotics are becoming ever prevalent in the modern world, as they shoulder the burden of physically demanding or repetitive tasks, producing more accurate work with increased efficiency rates.

Once a movement like this gathers pace, the industry has to adjust quickly, because if a manufacturer chooses not to follow the path automation offers, then ultimately the products they produce are going to be more expensive.

Currie & Warner Ltd are no different, and are eager to embrace the this new era of technology. Upgrading our current systems to the next-gen Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems is something that we have thought long and hard about for the past few years.

New ERP systems can deliver powerful capabilities, especially in the way of sourcing data. But what value will this additional data add? How can we optimise the data generated? These are just some of the questions we have to consider when deciding if an ERP system is right for us.

For many years now, Currie & Warner Ltd have been using a bespoke, robust system that has allowed the company to sustain its ability within the market industry. Switching to a readymade, off the shelf ERP system would simply not work with the intricacies of our set-up, so shortlisting a few companies that could satisfy our needs was essential. All key applications, and daily processes are to be affected by the new ERP platform so it was essential the team invested the appropriate time and effort into the research.

ERP Features
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With a budget and development timescale of approximately 18 months set, WinMan ERP software was chosen to develop a tailored system that would be allow the business the be more streamlined. Choosing a software developer that was UK based and had direct involvement with our working practices was one of the key aspects Winman was the right choice for Currie & Warner.

Although our mix of TAS system and Excel was working, it was obvious it was becoming an outdated way of running a manufacturing business. With information scattered across multiple locations and formats , it was difficult to obtain timely and meaningful information for making informed business-critical decisions. With the implementation of WinMan it will allow for complete visibility into operations, enabling informed decisions and to stay ahead of the competition. With real-time integration between finance, distribution and manufacturing, data is always up to date and problems are easier to identify.

We are delighted to report that Winman successfully went live in the first weeks of September 2023. Though our new ERP system is in full swing, safety is out top priority and we are running it alongside our original system for the time being. As we’ve seen recently with the UK air traffic control failure, computer program glitches could cause some disruption which is why our older system is still in place as a failsafe. Learning, understanding and fine tuning the system to suit our needs will inevitably take time, but it also opens the door for training and up-skilling our employees.

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